Monday, December 31, 2012

It's just another New Year's eve...

...another night like all the rest.  It's just another New Year's eve, let's make it the best.  This is one of my favorite Barry Manilow songs because it wraps up all that I feel every year at this time.  I'll be spending my evening with Adam as we watch movies and snack on all sorts of appetizers.  We'll wait for the ball to drop, give each other a kiss and then go to bed.  We are such party animals!

I took quite the hiatus from my biz since my last posting in November.  Part of me relished the freedom I felt not having to design or cut anything but another part of me felt incomplete.  I guess I'm not truly happy unless I'm creating something - whether it's out of paper, yarn, fabric or cupcake batter!  That being said, I'm gearing up for more classes and projects so stay tuned!

Happy New Year everyone!  Yes, let's make it the best!

Smiles, Caron
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