Friday, August 30, 2013

22 years of miracles

Adam turned 22 last week.  I can't believe that much time has passed since I first held him in my arms. He was such a tiny boy and stayed tiny for much of his growing years. Even now, though he's my size (short, I know but still adult sized!), he still gets mistaken for someone much younger.  Come on, people, he has 5:00 shadow!  Anyway, I remember before I had him I used to wish that my children would stay little longer than they did.  I got my wish. Adam may be 22 but he still believes in Santa Claus, thinks movies are real and can find happiness playing with a pair of tube socks. Sure, those can all be considered drawbacks to someone his age but on the flip side...he doesn't know sarcasm, he is not afraid to be himself and he loves unconditionally.  I would say that the blessings he has been given far outweigh the challenges. We experience little miracles every single day of our lives.  Thanks to life with Adam, I've been lucky enough to notice them!  

Smiles, Caron

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