Friday, December 6, 2013

What the...?

It's over a month since I last posted.  I think it was just before my annual holiday workshop, wasn't it?  Well, that turned out smashingly well, if I do say so myself!  I had so much fun welcoming my stamping friends to come and create over 100 Christmas cards, snack on the goodies and have lots of laughs and chitchat.  I feel sort of at a loss now since there are no more classes until January.

I hope everyone's Thanksgiving is just what they wanted it to be.  Mine was imperfectly perfect!  My eldest son and his family came down and spent a few days with us.  The house was full of noise, stuff was everywhere and I wouldn't have changed a thing (for this neatnik, that is huge!).  His entire family is vegan so it was a bit of a challenge for me to plan the dinner but I found a recipe for Disney's Ratatouille and gave it a whirl.  It was great!  (Pardon the ugly baking dish).

While I love seeing my son, the highlight for me was getting to spend time with my 5 year old grandson, Lucas.  They're little for such a short time!  Here he is hugging my Mickey snow-mouse.  He even slept with it and asked if I could find him one.  Sure hope I can deliver!

I did get some crafting time in there as well.  I love the deco mesh wreaths so I made one for my sister.  I also tried my hand at the rosette trees featured on the cover of our holiday gift guide.

And now it's the countdown to Christmas.  I actually decorated my house today though the tree is still standing there with just lights on it.  It takes me a few hours to get all the ornaments on so that's saved for Sunday.  Tomorrow is the annual sister's shopping day.  Claire and I will spend the whole day together trying to finish our shopping lists.  We usually don't succeed as it's more our chance to just be with each other, uninterrupted and enjoying each other's company.  I hope everyone is having a happy, healthy and joyful season so far with more to come.  2014, here we come!

Smiles, Caron

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