Friday, May 30, 2014

Me and my bud...

A co-worker of mine recently gave me a unique insight to my life with Adam.  She said she was jealous of me.  When I asked why, she recalled something that happened back in December.  The police department where we work brings Santa Claus to the station for the employees' families.  She was standing in line with her two young sons while Adam and I were right behind them, all waiting for our turn with the big guy.  She went on to say that as she looked at her boys, she wondered how many more years she had left before they knew the truth - not only about Santa but all the other experiences parents with little ones have. Hers are nearing that age when innocence and trust give way to skepticism and reality.  Adam never went through that and probably never will. He will stay "little" forever. With tears in her eyes, she told me that she wanted what I had.  Imagine that!

Smiles, Caron

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