Friday, May 24, 2013

Read to the end!

Adam gave me the thumbs up as he waited for the school bus to pick him up for the very last time. As I sat inside watching, it brought me back to the first day of preschool when he was so small I couldn't even see his head through the window (oh, how I cried that day!). Dozens of other memories came tumbling over each other as well - how the doctor told me of his condition while I was still on the operating table and made me think he was about to die, how he was lost in a maze of tubes and machines after his surgeries, how we watched in amazement as he stood on his own for the first time to help clean up Christmas wrap, how Claire and I were thrilled when he suddenly learned to use a straw in the middle of watching him walk across the stage at graduation, go to a dance by himself, sign his ID card when he turned 18, console a friend who was scared, work at Walmart and Big Lots just like anyone else and countless other "ordinary" things. All this from someone who I was told would "probably never walk or be able to do things for himself" and that I should consider "other options" rather than taking him home. As if. Yes, I had quite a bit of time for all these memories to cross my mind for, you see, the bus never came this morning. It was a teacher work day and there was no school. His REAL last day of school had already happened the day before. Leave it to me to have an epic mom fail on such an auspicious day!  And yes, this will become a scrapbook layout!

Smiles, Caron

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  1. Such a great story. I have worked with special needs children for the last 13 years. I have loved every minute. The age group I work with is 3 - 5 year olds.
    Bless you and your wonderful son.


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